At Northern Elevator Engineering, we offer a wide range of consultation services with respect to installation of lifts, escalators and travelators in Dubai and UAE. We collaborate with builders during the design and planning stage and offer consultation on a number of factors such as:-

  1. The number of lifts that should be installed in the building – The number of lifts installed in a building varies from one building to another. Several factors can determine this count:-
  • The type of building – The type of building determines the number of lifts required. Whether it is a residential building or a commercial building. A low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise. A large residential project with several blocks of buildings or a commercial space such as a mall or multiplex. A hospital or an office building may have a different requirement altogether. Hence, it is first important to understand the type of building it is and its scale for determining the count of lifts required
  • The usage – Another important factor is usage. Residential buildings have less number of people plying the lifts or rather less frequency of lift usage whereas in a commercial building people frequent the lift and take more rides in the lift car. Some commercial spaces such as offices may require heavy equipment to be transported through a lift car only once in a while and rather require more passenger lifts where other commercial space such as malls and hospitals require heavy and fragile equipment to be transported regularly. All these factors are considered by our team while arriving at a count that suits your building’s lift requirements
  • Building design and layout – The design and layout of the building also contributes towards the lift count. For instance a high-rise building with several lobbies requires more lifts than other buildings
  1. The lift speed for your building – During consultation, we will also suggest the most optimum speed that the lift or lifts in your building must have. A high rise building for instance would require a high speed lift. There are other factors too such as type of usage and building that we take into account when coming up with the suggested speed of lifts
  2. Capacity of lifts – When we partner with you, we study your building plan and thoroughly assess the way the building will be used for years to come. Accordingly, we come up with suggestions on lift capacity. Commercial buildings have requirement for high capacity lifts in comparison to residential buildings but even within commercial buildings, the capacity varies depending on usage and type of commercial establishment
  3. Feasibility – We conduct feasibility studies and help you plan for the long term. The feasibility studies cover a large number of details including options as per your budget and accessibility. We also provide detailed feasibility studies that look at enlarging lift shafts and development options.
  4. Survey studies – We survey existing equipment and provide detailed reports on condition of the various components, and future course of action. What options can be considered, current safety standards and guidelines, possible costs etc. We also provide survey reports on quality and standard maintenance contracts, new equipment assessments, possible budgets and performance evaluation of existing lifts.

Our consultation services have helped several architects, engineers, building services managers and construction managers in and across Dubai and UAE. Contact us today for more information about our consultation services.