Dumbwaiters or kitchen service lifts are used in kitchens and pantry areas to transport food items and groceries across several floors. At Northern Elevators Engineering, we provide dumbwaiters to cafes, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, gourmet stores, malls and food product warehouses across Dubai and UAE. We have over 22 years of experience in the elevator business and have many clients in the hospitality sector who have purchased our dumbwaiter lifts. We also provide dumbwaiter lifts for residential towers, hospitals, private homes, schools and care homes.

Dumbwaiters by Northern Elevator Engineering

We provide a range of dumbwaiters in Dubai and UAE. They come with several features and specifications:-

  1. Dumbwaiters with 50 to 100 kg capacity – These dumbwaiters or butler lifts are capable of carrying loads upto 50 kg or 100 kg.
    1. a. Usage – They are used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, banks, schools, libraries, care homes, apartments and private homes.
      b. Models – These come in many models to suit various sizes and shapes of lift shafts or space. Our team can quickly install them for you
      c. Daily Maintenance – From a cleanliness perspective, these come with removable shelves so that you can quickly remove shelves and clean them

      d. Design – These lifts have rise and fall shutters at waist height for easy access

  2. Dumbwaiters or Trolley Lifts with 250 kg to 300 kg capacity – These dumbwaiter lifts have a capacity of 250 kg or 300 kg.
    1. a. Usage – They are used in grocery stores, big restaurants and hotels
      b. Models – They come in various models to suit individual requirements. We also customize them for your use
      c. Controls – These lifts have controls and an intercom system that allows easy communication between different levels
      d. Design – These lifts are designed in a way that allows easy loading and unloading of goods via a trolley. The main purpose of the lift is to help reduce manual labour
  3. Dumbwaiters or Goods Lift with 500 kg to 2000 kg capacity – These dumbwaiter lifts are for heavy usage and support weights upto 500 kg to 2000 kg.
    1. a. Usage – These are typically used in supermarkets, malls, grocery and gourmet stores, large restaurants and hotels and food product warehouses or food manufacturing units. These help in transporting goods to elevated storage areas or elevated pantry areas and mezzanine floors
      b. Models –These come in several models and colour schemes. They have hinged doors or even concertina doors
      c. Controls – These offer advanced control options like intercom
      d. Design – These lifts are designed for reducing weight bearing activities. They have their own shaft and you can easily transport goods and food products in bulk through these lifts

All our dumbwaiter lifts have these features as a given standard, in addition to the ones mentioned above:-

  • Heating Options – Our dumbwaiters come with an optional heater so that your food remains hot as it moves across different levels
  • Material & Colours – Our kitchen service lifts have a stainless steel finish or an enamel finish, both of which are easy to clean and maintain. There is also a large choice of colours to match your building aesthetics. Should you decide to hide the lift behind a panel, that is also possible
  • Indicators – Our lifts come with visual and sound indicators at each level or entrance
  • Controls – Our lifts have easy to use call and send controls at each landing

Contact us today for any requirements with dumbwaiter lifts in Dubai and UAE. We have experienced and professional team members who will install dumbwaiters that meet your requirements and needs.