We have a comprehensive range of escalators and can supply, install and maintain the same in commercial buildings and public buildings in and around Dubai and in the UAE. Our escalators and autowalks are suitable for varied types of commercial or public buildings, those with few shops and customers to those that see hordes of visitors every hour.

Escalators by Northern Elevator Engineering

Our escalators and autowalks are quality products that not only last long and meet specifications required for different buildings and uses but also meet the highest standards of safety. Some key features of our escalator products are:-

  1. Wide Range – We offer a wide range of escalators and autowalks. We offer escalators, horizontal autowalks and inclined autowalks with varied specifications so that your needs are met
  2. Maximum Rise – We have escalator products with different levels of rise so that you can go for one that matches your requirement the best. There are escalators with maximum rise of 7m, 13m, 15m, 18m, 22m, 75m, 15 to 60m and 15 to 100m
  3. Duty Cycle – Our escalators can serve a wide range of duty cycle such as 12 to 16 hours per day and 20 to 24 hours per day
  4. Speed – We have escalators that come in varied speeds as well, from 0.4, 0.5, 0.65 to 0.75 metres per second
  5. Lights – We have escalators with many types of aesthetic lights like balustrade, skirt, truss, ambient cladding, soffit cladding; traffic lights like floor plate, decking, column and newel and safety lights like step gap and comb plate
  6. Drive Unit – We offer two types of drive units with our escalators – chain drive and direct drive
    Capacity – Our escalators can handle maximum capacity of 7000+ people per hour and there are models that can even bear 8000+ people per hour
  7.   Environment – We have escalators and autowalks that can operate in varied climatic conditions and environment such as those for indoor use, outdoor use and semi-outdoor use

We have escalators and autowalks that can be used in projects involving infrastructure and those that can be used in commercial projects, hotels, malls, retail centres and offices.

Why Northern Elevator Engineering

When you choose escalators, autowalks and other products by Northern Elevator Engineering, you get the following benefits:-

  1. Expertise – We have been in this business for the past 22 years and have provided services to many buildings and construction projects in Dubai and UAE. We know what works and what does not and have a talented team of professionals who will deliver the best services and products to match your requirement
  2. All-in-One Package – We manufacture, design, supply, install, maintain, modernize and provide consultation on escalators, autowalks, elevators and travelators. So when you hire us, you get everything under one roof and do not have to look for another partner to help you with aspect to any of the activities involved in procuring, installing or maintaining escalators, autowalks, elevators and travelators
  3. Eco Friendly Products – We believe in sustainability and our products are designed to run effectively without placing stress on any of the earth’s resources. Our products adorn many green buildings in and around Dubai and UAE

Contact us today for escalators, autowalks and other elevator products.