Hospital / Bed Elevators

Hospital lifts or bed lifts are used in hospitals to vertically transport patients on stretcher within the hospital premises. These kinds of lifts are useful for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centres, medical treatment homes and any other such medical centres where patients stay. We have been in the elevator business since the past 22 years and during the course of the years have supplied, installed and maintained hospital lifts for several hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centres and medical centres in Dubai, in areas near Dubai and in other parts of UAE.

Hospital Lifts by Northern Elevator Engineering

Hospital lifts or bed lifts by Northern Elevator Engineering have several features that are useful for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical centres and their patients. These features are:-

  1. Clean, hygienic & spacious interiors – Cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important when it comes to medical care and our lifts have clean and hygienic interiors that are easy to maintain over the years. In terms of space too, we offer lift cars that have good spacing and enable vertical transportation in hospitals and other medical centres comfortably
  2. Varying load capacity – We offer hospital lifts with varying load capacity. Bed lifts are available with load capacity of 500 kgs, 630 kgs, 1000 kgs and 1275 kgs
    Types of doors, walls, floors and lights – We offer hospital lifts with manual and automatic doors, different types of decorative lights, steel floors, PVC floors, stainless steel doors, galvanized steel doors, observation walls and mirror etched doors among several options
  3. Real time monitoring – All our hospital lifts are equipped with real time monitoring systems. Time is extremely crucial in hospitals, clinics, medical and health centres and our lifts are equipped with real time monitoring so as to check any potential errors or breakdowns immediately so that your patients or critical equipment is not stuck in an elevator during transit
  4. User friendly interface and accessibility – We design user interface with Braille so that blind patients can easily transport themselves within the hospitals. Apart from this, the floor level accuracy is higher and lifts have easy access points so that patients in wheel chairs can also easily move about and get on or off the lift
  5. Comfort and safety features – Our hospital lifts have features that enable a comfortable ride and safety at all times. Voice announcement, automatic fan, LED display, lockup protection, car emergency lighting, buffer device, alarm, emergency electric operation and several other features ensure passenger comfort and safety at all times
  6. Customized hospital lifts – We also offer customized hospital lifts or bed lifts. We design them as per your clinic or hospital specifications and requirements

Contact us today for more information about our hospital lifts and bed lifts. We have a great network across Dubai and UAE and many satisfied customers who can vouch for our products and services in the region.