Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are lifts that are propelled by a piston that moves in a cylinder. These lifts have been in use since many years and are known for their reliable and durable nature. Hydraulic lifts use oil based technology for lifting and are generally used in low-rise buildings or mid-rise buildings. Most hydraulic lifts last for 20 years without any trouble and are quite economical when it comes to their costs and maintenance. There are three types of hydraulic elevators:-

  1. Holed hydraulic lifts – In these types of hydraulic lifts, the lift car is mounted on the piston which moves in the cylinder. The height to which the lift rises is equal to the depth till which the cylinder extends to the ground. The lift car rises as hydraulic oil is pumped into the cylinder, once the oil starts receding to the reservoir the car starts descending. Due to this mechanism, these kind of lifts are also known as inground hydraulic lifts
  2. Roped hydraulic lifts – Roped hydraulic lifts have a piston that does not require a cylinder to function. The piston is attached to a sheave that has a rope passing across it. One end of this rope is attached to the lift car and the other end is attached to the end of the hoistway. These lifts are made more secure with the use of an overspeed governor
  3. Machine room less hydraulic lifts – This type of hydraulic lift does not require a room to function instead the machinery is installed on the elevator pit and controller is usually installed on a wall near the lift. Machine room less hydraulic lifts are more cost efficient than other types of hydraulic lifts, and they help reduce construction costs as well mainly because a separate room or structure is not required to be constructed for lift operations of these type of lifts

We design, supply, install and maintain hydraulic lifts across Dubai and United Arab Emirates. We have all types of hydraulic lifts and technical experts who know the ins and outs of all types of lifts. In the past we have installed hydraulic lifts in malls, apartments, offices, commercial centres, schools, hospitals, parking garages, mosques and other buildings near Dubai and throughout UAE. We have hydraulic lifts with several features:-

  1. We have hydraulic lifts with speeds ranging from 0.4 metres per second to 0.75 metres per second
  2. We have hydraulic lifts with varied load capacities such as those with 910 kgs load capacity to those with 2500 kg load capacity
  3. We have hydraulic lifts that have dispatching based on microprocessors
  4. Our hydraulic lifts have simplex or group elevator operations as well
  5. Our hydraulic lifts come with several safety features such as emergency phone, emergency lift car lighting, alarm and infra-red door curtain
  6. We are into eco-friendly products in a big way and even with hydraulic lifts we provide green hydraulic oil so that your lift is as green as possible

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