Lift Maintenance

Maintenance when done regularly and at prescribed time intervals plays a crucial role in increasing the durability of a lift and in helping run it efficiently.  Elevators, escalators and travelators need to be serviced at regular intervals and this helps in increasing their life span and functionality. At Northern Elevator Engineering, we offer different types of maintenance packages for servicing and annual maintenance of elevators, escalators and travelators. Our maintenance packages consist of various activities such as:-


  1. Regular Cleaning and Inspection – Our service staff will come to your building or office premises and regularly clean the lifts, escalators or travelators. This ensures that dirt does not accumulate in the various bearing and mechanical components and the product continues to run smoothly. They also inspect the elevator, escalator or travelator for any wear and tear, faults or malfunctions.
  2. Protecting the Product from the Elements – Environmental factors such as weather, dirt, moisture and humidity affect the body texture and durability of the lift or escalator. Metal corrosion can occur or some levers may get jammed. During maintenance we take precautions and steps to prevent this from happening. We ensure that the lift, escalator or travelator stays protected and does not get hampered in any way due to the natural elements.
  3. Lubrication of Mechanical Components – Lifts, escalators and travelators consist of several mechanical components. Regular oiling and lubrication of these components increase the life span of the lift or escalator. With our maintenance packages, we arrive at the most appropriate time intervals to oil and grease these parts and ensure that your lifts and escalators keep running for years altogether.
  4. Inspection of Electromechanical Components – An elevator has several electromechanical components and it’s important to inspect them regularly to catch any faults early-on. During maintenance, we check all the electromechanical components and fix them and service them for prolonging their life and functioning.
  5. Monitoring and Supply of Spare Parts – With our maintenance packages, we provide several options. Within these options we cover maintenance of lift spare parts and components. We monitor the functioning of spare parts and supply them if necessary to take care of any wear and tear. We check various parts of the elevator such as motor bearing, solenoid valve, solenoid coil, maintenance box, junction box, proximity switch, landing door, encoder, car shoe liner, car door belt and air chord, speed governor rope, car door bearing, limit switches, rubber pads and other parts of the elevator. We replace them if required on a periodic basis to ensure smooth functioning of the lift.

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