Lift Modernization

Old lifts wear out with time and then it becomes crucial that several parts of the lift are replaced so that the lift continues to work without any hassles. At times the lift may be beyond repair and may need to be replaced completely. At Northern Elevator Engineering, we excel at modernization of your old lifts. We assess which components of the lift need repair and repair or replace them accordingly. If the lift requires to be completely replaced then too our team analyzes your building structure and existing lift car specifications to replace the old lift without any damages or changes to your building and space.

Why is Modernization of Old Lifts Necessary?

Old lifts even when serviced regularly face wear and tear of mechanical components just like any other machinery. Typically, after 25 years of use, old lifts may require complete replacement. This happens due to several reasons:-

  1. The parts of the lift wear out and need replacement. However, these spare parts are no longer available
  2. Replacing the spare parts is costlier than entire lift replacement
  3. Lift components and functioning no longer meets the safety and accessibility guidelines in place
  4. Due to aging and old mechanisms, lift consumes more electricity than modern lifts

At such times, it becomes necessary to evaluate the lift and lift car structure and make necessary changes. Afterall, safety and smooth functioning are both very crucial to the usage of lifts in buildings. Here are some tell-tale signs by which you can determine whether your old lift needs modernization:-

  1. Lift is often out of order – The lift breaks down more often and is unavailable for use
  2. Lift does not stop at the same level as the floor – The lift no longer stops at floor level and is either stopping higher or lower than floor level
  3. High energy consumption – The lift consumes several units of electricity
  4. Manual doors – The lift has manual doors which are heavier and noisier than automatic doors
  5. Poor and cramped interior – The lift car is small, cramped and has poor interiors. With a new lift you can add more space and new interiors that add aesthetic value to your building interiors

Our Lift Modernization Services

Our lift modernization services involve a thorough assessment of your existing lift and structure. Our technical team will assess your lift for functionality, safety, performance, accessibility, energy-efficiency and aesthetics. We then come up with recommendations and options that you can choose from for lift modernization. These recommendations can range from just replacing certain parts of the lift to replacing the entire lift altogether. These recommendations can be broadly classified into 3 types:-

  1. Upgrading Components – Basis your lift’s assessment, we may suggest just replacing some components of the lift with more updated versions of the same components. These could include small changes such as changes in lift doors, changes in lights to LED lights and changes in door operation signals. These kind of changes make the lift less noisy, improveits aesthetics and also improves signalization. Such changes are usually implemented in lifts with over 10 years of usage
  2. Modernization of Modules – We may recommend replacing several modules that form a part of your lift. This may include modernization of electrification system, doors and hoisting machinery. These changes help reduce the energy consumption and improve the floor level related issues. Typically, such changes are recommended for lifts with 15 to 20 years of service
  3. Complete Replacement – Sometimes we recommend replacing your old lift with a completely new lift. The new elevator is installed in the existing shaft of your old lift. This is typically done for lifts with 25 years or more years of usage. It solves many problems including functioning, aesthetics, energy consumption, safety and accessibility.

Contact us today for modernization of your old lift. Our team will assess your existing lift and provide you with the best possible solution and options.