New Lifts

We are your lift specialists, not only do we design all kinds of lifts be it be passenger lifts, panoramic lifts, cargo lifts, automobile lifts, hospital lifts, bed lifts, hydraulic lifts, kitchen service lifts and others but we also supply them and carry out their installation as per your requirement and needs. We have been in the elevator business for the past 20 years and several residential projects and commercial projects in Dubai and UAE have benefitted from our services. For all products that we design, supply and install, we provide standard installation services as well as completely customized installation services. Even at the design stage, we make customizations that fulfill your requirements. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who excel at elevator design and engineering and deliver the best products and services to meet your needs.

Quality and safety are cornerstones of success in the elevator business. Our teams always ensure that the products and services we offer meet the highest standards in terms of quality and safety. Our products are reliable and tested for safety. When our teams design elevators, they take into account all aspects such as material durability and sturdiness, safety features and dependability. During installation, even our staff practices safety precautions so that lifts once installed stay free from accidents and mishaps.

Renewable energy and green buildings are the need of the hour. In Dubai and across UAE, there is an increase in construction of green buildings and environment friendly projects. Keeping this in mind, we have a whole line of products that are sustainable. Our products are designed to achieve less energy consumption and we supply these products to several malls, airports, hospitals, houses, residential projects and commercial complexes. If you are designing a new green project and need a reliable supplier of eco-friendly lifts and escalators, then we are the go to guys for you. We will customize our elevator projects to add value to your green project.

Some key advantages of hiring us for design, supply and installation of new lifts and other equipment are:-


  1. Experienced and Highly Trained Professionals – We have been in the elevator business since the past two decades and we have provided customized solutions to many-many buildings and projects near Dubai and throughout UAE. We understand our customers and their needs. We provide solutions that work and that last for years to come. Our teams are trained well and have the latest technology at their disposal so that you get an end product or service that meets the highest standards at all times. Our teams know the ins and outs of all kinds of products and makes including products from leading elevator manufacturers like Hitachi, Fujitec, Schindler, Kone and ThyssenKrupp to name some.
  2. Flexibility – We provide you customized solutions and flexibility in terms of not only designing and installing a new lift or escalator but also later in its maintenance or upgradation.
  3. Highest Service Quality – Our team are masters in their area of work and realize the importance of quality at every stage of a product, whether it is quality in terms of designing a product and determining the material to be used or quality in terms of supplying it and installing it or quality in terms of servicing the product so that it functions without glitches at all times. We are dedicated to provide you the highest quality with all our services and products.

Contact us today for our new equipment services, lift supply and installations in Dubai and UAE.