Cargo lifts or freight lifts are heavy duty lifts used to vertically transport goods, equipment and cargo in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, warehouses, hotels, factories and offices. Some residential buildings also have a separate cargo lift for shifting and transportation of household goods and appliances. We offer a range of cargo lifts. You can contact us for any requirements with respect to cargo lifts and any other lifts in Dubai and in areas near Dubai or else in other cities and towns across UAE.

Cargo Lifts from Northern Elevator Engineering

Cargo lifts from Northern Elevator Engineering are equipped to handle all kinds of cargo. Our freight lifts:-

  1. Make transportation of lifts easy and quick – We know that when cargo is transported, there is immense pressure to not only move the heavy goods easily but also without breakage. Our lifts are designed in a way that loading and unloading goods is easy and takes hardly any time
  2. Are durable and can withstand rough handling – Cargo consists of heavy equipment and often is handled roughly. Our lifts are made of durable stainless steel and corrosion resist paint that withstand rough handling and keep lasting for years without much friction
  3. Durable hoisting equipment – Our cargo lifts are made up of durable material and additionally have strong and durable hoisting equipment that can withstand heavy loads and rough handling
  4. Lifts for passengers and cargo – We also offer cargo lifts that can be alternately used to transport goods or passengers. These are especially helpful for residential buildings where cargo is seldom transported and main use of lifts is for passenger transportation
  5. Have greater floor leveling accuracy – While loading heavy equipment it is important that lift stops at accurate floor level. This makes loading and unloading cargo easy and smooth. Our lifts have greater floor level accuracy that takes care of this aspect
  6. Have full width doors – Our cargo lifts have full width doors that not only enable easy loading and unloading of cargo but also maximize the usage of space within the lift car so that you can carry more cargo as you ride in the lift car
  7. Can withstand a wide range of loads – We have a range of cargo lifts that suit the requirements of different types of commercial structures and establishments. You can choose from cargo lifts that have a load capacity of 900 kgs to 20,000 kgs and more
  8. Have a selection of signalization & interiors – We offer cargo lifts that contain a selection of signalization. These options help heavy usage. Our lift interiors are available in different material and colour schemes to match your building aesthetics and design
  9. Various types of lift cars – We have various types of lift cars, traction freight lifts, hydraulic freight lifts, machine less lifts and so on. These serve a wide range of purpose and basis your requirement we will supply and install the most suitable lift car in your building premises
  10. Customized cargo lifts – Apart from standard cargo lifts that offer many options and designs we also provide customized cargo lift cars should you require so. We can design the lifts and install them to suit your specific cargo needs and building architecture and design

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