Home lifts add aesthetic value to large homes and make life easier. We have a wide range of home lifts that enable movement of people and goods easily inside your house. Our residential lifts are ideal for movement between two to four floors and provide an added touch of elegance to your home and décor. We have been in the business of lifts, escalators and travelators since the past 22 years and our products are installed and running successfully in many homes, apartments, hotels, malls, airports, commercial buildings and offices in Dubai and in the UAE.

Home Lifts by Northern Elevator Engineering

If you have a luxury house in Dubai and need a home lift then you have come to the right place. Our home lifts make a luxe statement and would enhance your home and add convenience just as you need it. Our home lifts:-

  1. Have several design features and come in a wide variety of material to match the aesthetics of your house and add an elegant appeal
  2. Can be installed in your house with minimal changes and alterations. We can even conceal it for you behind a door or panel should you require that
  3. Can be quickly installed in a matter of few days
  4. Come loaded with safety features, smoke and fire protection so that your house stays safe at all times
  5. Are appropriate for moving food, passengers, goods, or wheelchair-bound passengers

We have a range of home lifts that meet different kinds of needs:-

  1. Through the floor home lifts – We have several types of through the floor home lifts that provide maximum comfort during the ride and are loaded with safety features. These lifts require the least amount of alterations and hence can be installed quickly. We can install these for you in an existing house so that you can be independent in no time. These home lifts can carry upto 1 or 2 passengers or wheelchair with a care-giver
  2. Large home lifts – We have various models of large home lifts that can be installed right next to your staircase. These home lifts have various types of finish options and also come in different materials like glass, steel or painted metal that enable customization of the lift looks and décor as per your taste. With these lifts, it is possible to transport 3 to 6 passengers and wheelchair-bound passengers with caregivers
  3. Customized home lifts – We also offer customized home lifts that can be built from scratch as per your requirements. There are many colour and finish options available to add more class to your luxury house

Contact us today for more information about our home lifts in Dubai and UAE. Our team of experts will provide and install a home lift that exactly matches your requirement in no time.