We provide a variety of industrial platforms for vertical transportation of goods, machinery and manpower in factories and warehouses. Industrial platforms or walkways are very useful for transporting raw products, semi-finished goods and finished goods in the factory or warehouse. They also help construction workers reach hard to reach sites on a building under construction. We manufacture and supply industrial platforms in Dubai and other industrial areas and cities in the UAE. Our industrial platforms are of superior quality and last long without any hassles. Our clients comprise of many large industries, automobiles companies, factory owners, warehouse owners, builders and construction companies and more.

Industrial Platforms by Northern Elevator Engineering

At Northern Elevator Engineering, we have been providing industrial platforms to several factories and warehouses in areas near Dubai, in Dubai and in UAE, since the past 22 years. We design these industrial platforms and even install those owned by other brands. We service and maintain all kinds of industrial platforms. At times, we also provide custom solutions as and when required by a particular client. Our industrial platforms have a host of features:-

  1. We provide industrial platforms with defined stops so that you can easily transports goods and heavy machinery to various levels within your factory or warehouse
  2. We provide industrial platforms that you can use for dual purposes. You can either use them to just transport goods or use them to transport goods with attendants or staff members
  3. We have industrial platforms or goods lifts with various types of load capacity – 100 kg to 750 kg, 1,000 kg to 2,000 kg, 2,000 kg to 5,000 kg and even 2,000 kg to 10,000 kg
  4. We also take care of aesthetics when it comes to industrial platforms and walkways. You can find them in different kinds of finishes and material to match the aesthetics of your garage, warehouse or factory
  5. We offer industrial platforms in a variety of material. These include stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and glassfibre reinforced plastics of GRP
  6. When it comes to finish, we offer industrial platforms with painted finish, mild steel galvanized finish, stainless steel finish and aluminum finish
  7. Our industrial platforms meet all safety guidelines and are of superior quality

We have been manufacturing and supplying industrial platforms since the past 22 years in Dubai and UAE. Our products are high in quality and have earned us a favourable reputation amongst all our clients. Contact us today for more information about our industrial platforms or to buy our products.