Machine Room

We provide machine room lifts that are suitable for use in high rise buildings, office towers, hospitals, schools and colleges. These lifts allow speedy vertical transportation with heavy load capacity. Our machine room lifts are installed in several construction projects near Dubai, in Dubai and in the whole of UAE.

Our machine room lifts have a geared machine that is installed in either a machine room located in the basement of the building or in a penthouse. These lifts are powered by gear based technology that enables a smooth and silent ride, high floor level accuracy and eco-efficiency with the use of counterweights. The machine room lifts by Northern Elevator Engineering are based on a variable voltage or variable frequency drive. This type of drive brings down energy consumption significantly and also enables a smooth and velvety ride.

Features of our Machine Room Lifts

At Northern Elevator Engineering, we always maintain the highest standards of quality no matter what the task. During the design of machine room lifts itself; we use quality material and standard applications to produce products that are durable and high in quality. Some key features of our machine room lifts are:-

  1. Numbers of Floors – Our machine room lifts are designed to deliver a smooth vertical ride for heights upto 30-40 floors. The transit is silent and provides a comfortable experience to all users
  2. Speed – Our machine room lifts can travel quickly between floors. They come at a range of speeds such as 0.75 metres per second to those that move at 2.00 metres per second
  3. Load Capacity – We offer machine room lifts that provide varied load capacity. Our products come with a load capacity of 910 kg and go on till 2500 kg. These options allow different construction needs to be met quite easily and in an economical manner
  4. Elevator Operations – We have machine room lifts with simplex elevator operation as well as those with group elevator operation
  5. Dispatching and Motor Control – Our products come fitted with microprocessor based dispatching and VVVF AC motor control. Both these features guarantee enhanced performance and a hassle-free ride experience
  6. Safety Features – Safety is extremely important for elevator products and we always provide products that rank high on safety and safety guidelines. Our machine room lifts are no exception. They come with infra-red door curtain, emergency phone and a rope gripper
  7. Easy Maintenance – Our machine room lifts are easy to maintain, upgrade and service. We also offer attractive maintenance packages that deliver quality maintenance assurance at cost effective prices

Contact us today with your requirements for for machine room lifts in Dubai and UAE.