Machine Room Less

At Northern Elevator Engineering we have a comprehensive portfolio of machine room less lifts. Machine room less lifts are fitted in low-rise and mid-rise buildings, both residential and commercial buildings. We have been providing machine room less lifts since the past several years in Dubai and UAE. Not only do we design, supply, install and maintain machine room lifts but also provide consultation on their usage and specifications. We also provide lift modernization services wherein we fit the machine room less lifts and other lift types in an already existing lift shaft.

Advantages of Machine Room Less Lifts

Machine room less lifts have several advantages that have made them a popular choice for new and existing low-rise and mid-rise constructions. These advantages are as follows:-

  1. Machine room less lifts are quite economical and do not cost a lot of money. They also require relatively less space for installation and hence save space and cut down costs in building a lift shaft as well
  2. Machine room less lifts save energy substantially as they are gearless and are thus a good choice for green buildings and eco-friendly housing and commercial buildings
  3. Machine room less lifts have a compact gearless machine that powers the lift. This machine is placed directly in the lift shaft. This saves space and helps with building aesthetics
  4. Machine room less lifts have quick travel intervals and are thus useful for riders
  5. Machine room less lifts produce less noise and thus offer a silent and comfortable ride

Machine Room Less Lifts by Northern Elevator Engineering

If you are in Dubai or are incharge of a construction project near Dubai or even in the entire UAE, you can rely on us for any requirements related to machine room less lifts or other type of elevator products. We provide a vast range of elevator products. We have been in this business since the past 22 years and our products and services are valued for their quality and durability. Many commercial and residential buildings in Dubai and UAE have benefitted from our elevator products and services.

Our machine room less lifts come with the following features:-

  1. Range of speeds from 0.75 metres per second to 1.75 metres per second
  2. Range of load capacity from 910 kgs to 2050 kgs
  3. Comfortable and hassle-free travel upto 18 floors or 50 metres
  4. Dispatching based on fast microprocessors and efficient motor control enabled through an avant-garde VVVF motor control system
  5. Simplex or group elevator operations to match every need
  6. Best in class safety features like infra-red door curtain, emergency lift car lighting and an emergency phone

Contact us for requirements pertaining to machine room less lifts in Dubai and UAE.