At Northern Elevator Engineering, we offer the complete range of passenger lifts or passenger elevators for both residential and commercial projects. We have been in the elevator business since the past 20 years and our products are widely used in several residential projects, malls, commercial spaces in Dubai and UAE. Apart from manufacturing, we also offerthe complete gamut of services in the elevator business – installation, maintenance and upkeep, modernization of old lifts, replacement of old lifts and consultation services regarding lifts and elevators in building design and construction. Our products are reliable with sturdy built and high durability. We have passenger lifts with gears and non-gear operations. Our elevators come with a variety of finish and material such as stainless steel doors, golden finish, hairline finish, glass door with HSS finish, mirror etched finish and more.

If you are looking for passenger lifts near Dubai for homes, hospitals, malls or commercial complexes then you can contact us for the most durable products and reliable services. We have eco-friendly passenger elevators that have variable drive frequency to provide greater energy efficiency and perfect leveling. Our passenger elevators come with various types of load capacity, air conditioning and variable speed features. From a design standpoint too, we offer a range of products – glass capsule lifts, square box lifts, glass finish lifts, hairline stainless steel door lifts and many more. All our passenger elevators have:-

1) Durable working life – Our passenger lifts last a long time without any malfunctioning or faulty mechanisms. You can install them in offices, homes, hospitals and malls and stay assured that they will continue to work smoothly for years and years.

2) High on Safety – All products by Northern Elevator Engineering rank high on safety. We ensure that our passenger lifts are tested for safety and reliability at all times. Our elevators continue to function smoothly for years and provide a comfortable ride. They have an automatic rescue device installed in them to enable quick rescue incase of any emergency or incident.

3) Finest material – We manufacture our passenger elevators with the finest stainless steel and glass. It is corrosion resistant and breakage resistant.

4) Customized Finish – We offer a wide range of finish – gold stainless steel finish, metallic finish, glass finish, black and gold finish, mirror etched finish, hairline finish, HSS finish, glass doors, steel doors and more. We customize our elevators as per your requirements to add aesthetic value to your residential or commercial property.

5) Fast Installation – Our passenger elevators can be installed quickly and require minimal maintenance. Sturdy quality of our elevators ensures that they keep working without any hassles for years to come with regular maintenance and upkeep.


We provide lifts in Dubai and UAE. Our passenger lifts come with hydraulic function, traction function or even pit-less function. Our products are eco-friendly and are suitable for green buildings and commercial complexes. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.