We provide a wide range of travelators or moving walks for construction sites in Dubai and in other places within the United Arab Emirates. We are in this business since the past 22 years and our travelators are functioning in many commercial, industrial and public buildings across Dubai and UAE. Malls, shopping centres, large warehouses, factories, transit points, airports and several other buildings in Dubai and in UAE have benefitted from our travelators and other products such as escalators and elevators.

Travelators from Northern Elevator Engineering

Travelators from Northern Elevator Engineering have several features:-

  1. Quality – All our products including travelators rank high on quality. We follow the strictest standards when it comes to designing, supplying, installing and maintaining our products and thus you get the best products from us all the time
  2. Types – We provide varied types of travelators that suit different types of usage, as in some are ideal for less usage and some for comparatively heavier use. Our travelators are available in slim-line, standard and heavy duty
  3. Design & Aesthetics – We provide travelators that come in different material and finishes. They accommodate different types of building layouts and colour schemes thus adding aesthetic value to your building
  4. Eco-Friendly – Our travelators are eco-friendly and have minimal impact on the environment. Not only travelators but even our other products like elevators and escalators are eco-friendly and support sustainable construction practices.

The Northern Elevator Engineering Difference

With Northern Elevator Engineering, you can always be assured of great quality products at budgets that suit every requirement. Not only this, we provide several services that are especially useful:-

  1. All your Needs in One Place – At Northern Elevator Engineering, we design, customize, supply, install and maintain travelators, escalators and elevators. Thus, you can just contact us for all or any of these services and leave the rest to us
  2. Planning and Consultation – We often collaborate with architects, chief engineers and builders right at the planning stage of the construction project and provide useful inputs on how a travelator, escalator or elevator can be incorporated in the building, what kind of features it should have and what is the count of travelators, escalators and elevators that should be installed in the building for optimal use. We provide survey studies, feasibility report, eco-friendly metrics and more information that can help in planning and designing the project in a right manner
  3. Maintenance & Customization – We have a well-trained and knowledgeable staff that understands how travelators, escalators and elevators work like no one else. Our team is extremely professionalism and conducts thorough inspections and maintains the travelators, escalators and elevators. We also provide modernization options and customized products that suit your requirements

Interested in learning more about us? Contact us today for travelators, escalators and elevators in Dubai and the whole of UAE.